Gifts are Available as Donations to MILCC!

Monetary Investment for Lactation Consultant Certification (MILCC) offers pins as gifts and a thank you for being a friend of MILCC. All proceeds for pin sales go directly to the MILCC scholarship fund to support IBCLC exam or recertification fees for qualified candidates. IBCLC circular pins and badges, IBCLC lapel bar pins and "Friend of MILCC" pins are available for purchase online through PayPal, or by mail. The circular pins are available in English, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese. We currently offer FREE, First Class Shipping!

MILCC also accepts monetary donations, which are greatly appreciated. MILCC welcomes your participation in our Auctions, Fundraisers and Other Events (see our calendar).

You asked for it! And you got it! Order bulk pins (10 or more) now! Welcome new IBCLCs with logo pins and service bars and save! Click here for more information!

IBCLC Lapel Pin and Badge

Wear the IBCLC lapel pin or magnetic badge proudly to let your clients, colleagues, and the public know that you have earned the respected IBCLC credential. This pin or badge is a replica of the IBLCE logo, with Baby, Mother and IBCLC represented by the blue and yellow bands. A gold border with the words "International Board Certified Lactation Consultant" in blue finishes the pin and badge.

IBCLC Lapel Pin $12
(with rubber clutch backing)
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IBCLC Magnetic Badge $12
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Japanese, Korean & Taiwanese IBCLC Lapel Pins

Wear the IBCLC circular logo pin proudly to let your clients, colleagues and the public know that you have earned the respected IBCLC credential. The pin is 3 cm in diameter with a rubber protective cap and is a replica of the IBLCE logo. Baby, mother and IBCLC are represented by the blue and yellow bands. A gold border with the words "International Board Certified Lactation Consultant" encompasses the logo.

IBCLC Circular Logo Pin (each) 15.00
IBCLC Lapel Bar (each) 10.00

To purchase the IBCLC logo pin in Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese, download the IBLCE in Asia Pacific MILCC Order Form and email, fax or post to the IBLCE office in Australia.


국제인증수유상담가는 긍지를 갖고 배지를 달아주십시오. 그렇게 핚다면 고객, 동료 그리고 대중은 당신이 평판 좋은 국제인증수유상담가 자격증을 소지하고 있다는 것을 알게 됩니다. 이 배지는 청색과 황색 띠로 아가, 어머니 및 국제인증수유상담가를 상징하는 국제수유상담가시험원 로고의 복사품입니다. 이 배지는 지름이 3cm이며 안전핀이 부착되어 있습니다. 이제 처음으로 핚글판 배지가 출시되었습니다. 배지를 구입하고자 핚다면 당신은 주문서를 다운로드 하여 이메일 ( 이나 우편으로 핚국 지부 책임자 – 주신행에게 보내 주십시오 (영어판 배지는 을 이용하여 지역 책임자에게 보내십시오).


IBCLC Lapel Bar Pins

Compliment your IBCLC Lapel Pin or Badge with an IBCLC Lapel Bar Pin in the color that designates your years of Certification! These pins, with new bold colors, are secured with a rubber clutch backing. Available for $12 each!

Light Blue Pin - First Year Certification
Royal Blue Pin - 5 Year Recertification
Golden Yellow Pin - 10 Year Recertification
Emerald Green Pin - 15 Year Recertification
Ruby Red Pin - 20 Year Recertification
Silver Pin - 25 Year Recertification
Plum Pin - 30 Year Recertification

Friend of MILCC Pin

This circle “Friend of MILCC” cloisonné lapel pin features a single drop of milk representing the universality of human milk for human babies. A bright gold accent line enhances the breast milk drop and reminds us all that breast milk is the gold standard for infant nutrition.

Friend of MILCC Pin $12
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You asked for it! And you got it! Welcome new IBCLCs with logo pins and service bars and save!

Based on your requests, MILCC will offer a reduced price for bulk orders of IBCLC logo pins and service bars. Order 10 or more pins and bars, in any combination, and receive the reduced price of $10 per pin. Easily use PayPal to purchase your pins. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Your support of MILCC will enable more deserving IBCLC candidates to sit the exam next year.

To order 10 or more pins, just complete the following 2's that easy!

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  4. Enter your email address so we may contact you with any questions regarding your order.
  5. After clicking the "Submit Form" button, you will be sent back to this page. Scroll down here and complete STEP 2.
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  3. Then you are done! Thank you for purchasing 10 or more pins through MILCC!